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Do these WiFi challenges sound familiar to you?

Interfering factors in WLAN networks are often very complex - analyzing and eliminating them is often a challenge.

Your analytics solution is inefficient

Their technology for WLAN analysis is in many cases insufficient and therefore inefficient.

You don't put any
autonomous solution

Your previous analysis solution ties up too much staff due to the required on-site assignments.

Evaluations take too much time

The complete evaluation of the complex analysis data causes too much effort for you.

they discover
disturbances do not

During the on-site appointment, WLAN disruptions do not appear - but you lack the human resources for longer assignments.

You lack important specialists

Your previous solution requires a lot of specialist knowledge and you don't have any WLAN specialists in your team.

network and
Disruptive factors are only partially recorded

The data that the solution you use collects is insufficient; there is a lack of full transparency when it comes to finding faults.

VestiFi turns WiFi services into revenue generators

Simply ingenious: Send the VestiFi box to the customer company, have it set up within range of the WLAN and receive 360° reports - from lightning diagnosis to long-term analysis.

Minimize costs and effort

The VestiFi box as the perfect employee: Set up at the customer company, it automatically analyzes WLAN networks. All you have to do is read the automatically generated report, derive the appropriate measures, and that's it.

Expand your service portfolio

Not every system house has sufficient resources for WLAN check-ups, troubleshooting, WLAN monitoring or final WLAN inspections. With the VestiFi box, you can also offer such services cost-effectively.

Bind customers with perfect service

Bind customers with service level agreements, which you can also fulfill with the VestiFi solution. Fix problems with remote monitoring before your customers notice them.

Benefit from concentrated WLAN expertise

VestiFi is specially designed for WLAN analyzes and is full of concentrated expertise. Handling is easy: Your customers place the sent VestiFi box in the WLAN, everything else happens remotely.

It's that simple

Shipping of the box

Express shipping of the VestiFi-Box directly to the place of use. Delivery by 9 a.m. on request.

Installation of the Box

Setting up the VestiFi-Box without a trained expert. No further on-site service.

Measurement with the box

Configure and start measurement in the partner portal. 24/7 measurement over long periods of time.

Analysis and Report

Automated analysis and evaluation. Provision of the report in the partner portal.

Collection of the box

Uncomplicated collection of the VestiFi-Box by a courier directly at the place of use.

Provide customers with top quality WiFi services

Whether you already offer WLAN services from troubleshooting to final acceptance or want to add them to your portfolio: With the unique VestiFi remote solution, you can tap sales potential in the simplest and most cost-efficient way on the market.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

Why is it time-consuming to send employees to the customer company? Resolve WiFi issues faster and more efficiently with remote analysis.

Wi-Fi check-up

Why only intervene when it's too late? With proactive check-ups, you can prevent bottlenecks before your customers notice disruptions.

Wi-Fi final inspection

Why risk starting problems? With professional quality assurance after installation, you hand over perfectly functioning WiFi networks.

Wi-Fi monitoring

Why leave performance to chance? Monitor WiFi networks 24/7 and spare your customers bottlenecks and failures.

Made in Germany

The VestiFi solution

Icon WLAN measurement VestiFi


Captures all data and causes of WiFi problems without the need for an on-site expert.

Analysis and report with the VestiFi solution

VestiFi analysis system

Automatically evaluates all measurement data from the box and visualizes it in a report.

Wi-Fi final inspection

VestiFi Score Report

Shows all WLAN problems in a way that is easy to understand and visually processed.

VestiFi portal

Enables simple project management of your customer projects directly via the browser.

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Why VestiFi?

VestiFi vs Access Points

WLAN analysis via access point? Even the APs of leading manufacturers are only able to do this to a very limited extent. Due to its technical properties, the VestiFi solution offers much more in-depth WLAN analyzes - manufacturer-independent and completely remote.

VestiFi vs. interactive systems

WLAN analysis with on-site use? Does not have to be. Unlike interactive systems, VestiFi works independently. The box is sent to the customer company, placed in the WLAN and connected to the power grid - the analysis begins.

Our references

VestiFi customer 1. FC Cologne

1. FC Köln

"In order to assess the contractually agreed service quality of our service provider for the WLAN in the RheinEnergieSTADION, the company VestiFi carried out detailed WLAN measurements with their technology and showed 1. FC Köln concrete potential for improvement."

Dominic Theissen, 1. FC Köln GmbH & Co. KGAA


“Through the analyzes of VestiFi GmbH it was possible for us to better understand the WLAN problems that we felt in our daily work. Not only were the causes shown to us, but concrete recommendations were also given to noticeably improve the situation. That helped us a lot. In short: I am very satisfied with the work of the company.”

Torsten Gebert, FutureTV Production GmbH

Municipal port company Wyk auf Föhr

“The cooperation with VestiFi has brought us a step forward. We had unexplained disconnects on a wireless wireless bridge that only happened every few days, sometimes not at all for weeks.”

Ulrich Koch, City Port Authority of Wyk auf Föhr

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How high are the costs for a WLAN analysis with the VestiFi solution

The costs depend on the duration of the analysis, so we cannot give a general answer to this question. For an individual offer, please contact our colleague Michael Dopmeier.

Are there license fees for using the VestiFi solution?

No, the VestiFi box does not have to be integrated into the existing Wi-Fi. Independently of this, it analyzes all relevant processes.

Can I use the VestiFi solution directly or do I have to complete training beforehand?

You will receive a short, free introduction to the portal from us and can then work with it independently.

I would like to take a look at the VestiFi portal. Is that possible?

Of course you can. Check out our Demo video

How many VestiFi-Boxes do I need for a Wi-Fi analysis?

The receiving area of ​​the VestiFi box is roughly comparable to that of a classic enterprise access point. One VestiFi box is usually used. For large areas (e.g. warehouses), either a VestiFi-Box is moved at planned intervals, several VestiFi-Boxes are set up at the same time, or the VestiFi-Box is made mobile (e.g. forklift).

Do I have to integrate the VestiFi box into a WLAN?

No, the VestiFi box does not have to be integrated into the existing Wi-Fi. Independently of this, it analyzes all relevant processes.

Is the VestiFi box manufacturer-independent?

Yes, the VestiFi box works completely independently of the device and can be used with all manufacturers without any problems.

Can the VestiFi box also be sent directly to our customers?

Yes this is not a problem. Commissioning is so easy that your customer can even set up and connect the box without prior knowledge.

Is the VestiFi box also suitable for WiFi coverage?

No, the box cannot be used for classic illumination. But it can be set up in advance to analyze the environmental parameters. The VestiFi box is also suitable for quality assurance after project completion. This is how you can set them up after installation and make sure that the WiFi is running without interference.

Is the VestiFi box and its use GDPR compliant?

Yes, the box works according to German data protection regulations and offers the highest level of security.

Does the VestiFi box need a connection to the internet?

No, the box does not need to be connected to the internet for data recording. It has a cellular connection to communicate various parameters such as operating status and free memory space. If you want to retrieve the analysis data before the box is returned, an Ethernet connection is required.

Is the solution also suitable for long-term analyses?

Yes, the memory module integrated into the VestiFi box records up to four weeks depending on the volume of data traffic at the measurement location. For longer projects, the measurement data can be transferred from the VestiFi box while the measurement is ongoing.

I'm convinced, how can I start my first project?

We are pleased that we were able to convince you. Please contact our sales department first sales@vestifi.de. We would be happy to provide you with a VestiFi box and access to the portal for testing.